The message arrived in KAFKA in the topic [event].

BridgeWorkerEvent listens on the topic [event] and sees the arrival of a new message in the topic.

The message is processed if the message type is "TCCreateObject".

If the file configuration allows it, a request is sent to a Visiativ server to collect anonymous statistics on the use of the tools by our customers. In particular, this should allow us to focus more easily on improvements that need to be developed as a matter of priority. The configuration is as follows:

#R&D ToolStat configuration

#Set sendstats=1 to send anonymous stats, else it's disabled





This request does not wait for any return, its failure (server unavailable, no internet network etc. ) should not block the user.

Focus / Remarks

BridgeWorkerEvent is a JAVA process that implements KAFKA Stream.

See Chapter definition of workers