BridgeWorkerEvent processes new message of type "TCCreateObject"

BridgeWorkerEvent connects to ENOVIA and retrieves information related to the ENOVIA document.


  • BridgeWorkerEvent will retrieve the ID of the ENOVIA object in the message
  • BridgeWorkerEvent connects to ENOVIA
  • Search ENOVIA object with ID
  • If the object is a document type:
    • Finds if a filter matching the type exists in the configuration file
    • If no filter is found, the document is considered to be exported
    • If a filter exists, it is applied to test if the document is to be exported
      • If the document passes the filter, retrieves the following information:
        • Type
        • Name
        • Revision
        • Attributes to sync
          • All
          • Bridge-side setting
        • File Name
        • file -> the file is stored in a temporary folder on the KAFKA server
  • If object is folder type
    • Extracting items of type documents and folder contained in the object

Focus / Remarks

Parameters will be positioned in a file of property

See workers definition

Documents to be exported can be filtered by setting the configuration file. Simply add a line in the following format:

visbridge.techcenter.filter.[TYPE] = [ENOVIA WHERE]

[TYPE] corresponding to the type of the object, and [ENOVIA WHERE] to the where Enovia query.

# These properties are filters used to check if a document has to be published to TechCenter or not

visbridge.techcenter.filter.documents = current == "Release"

Be careful of the file management in temporary server.

ENOVIA APIs will be used by KS -> package the necessary jars.

An ENOVIA service account will need to be set up to connect from KAFKA unless API Rest is used: