BridgeWorkerEvent processes the new message of type "ERPCreateObject" or "ERPPromoteObject".

BridgeWorkerEvent connects to ENOVIA and retrieves ENOVIA article information


  • BridgeWorkerEvent will retrieve the ID of the ENOVIA object in the message
  • BridgeWorkerEvent connects to ENOVIA
  • Search ENOVIA object with ID
  • Retrieving the following information:
    • Article:
      • Name (Reference)
      • State
      • Revision
      • Type
      • Classification
      • All attributes (description, etc.)
      • Project (P&O)
      • Organization (P&O)
      • Owner
    • Article nomenclature (EBOM/MBOM):
      • One-level yarn
      • All Attributes on Relationships
    • Derived outputs associated with CAD:
      • All
    • Native files
    • Reference documents
    • Classification
  • Checkout of files in the export folder
    • Example: \\VSOL-DEV2017X\visbridge-temp\erp\44220.25216.48812.48588_2018.

Focus / Remarks

The parameters are positioned in a file of property

  • Relationships traveled for BOMS: "EBOM" Default
  • Spec Browsed Relationships: Default "Part Specification"
  • Relationships for reference documents: "Reference Document" Default
  • Relationships traveled for derived outputs: "Viewable,Associated Drawing" Default
  • Relationships traveled for classification: "Classified Item" Default
  • Only the article library is checked out, not the tree
  • export folder