Publication of an ENOVIA document is started.

A graphical interface is opened in the ENOVIA application.

The user shall inform, according to the setting, all or part of the following information:

  • Choice of destination folder in Techcenter
  • Choosing users for sharing
  • Notification message filled in

The setting is at the "Command" object in Business:

  • "foldermanager": If the value is 1, the folder choice window will be displayed. Otherwise, the folder is automatically calculated using the configuration in ENOVIA in the file:

visbridge.config.techcenter.document.path.pattern = Space Documentary TechCenter\\EXTRANET\\Customers\\ [project:name]\\[project:to:Company Project:Company:bus:name]\\[project:from:Member:Person:rel:Project Access]\\[folder:name]

visbridge.config.techcenter.folder.path.pattern = Space Documentary TechCenter\\EXTRANET\\Customers\\[project:to:Company Project:Company:bus:name]\\[project:from:Member:Person:rel:Project Access]

  • "usermanager": If set to 1, the user choice window for sharing and notification message will be displayed. Otherwise, no notification.


Access to the Moovapps Techcenter application using the web services provided by Moovapps

http(s) access

Configuring in ENOVIA in file:


visbridge.config.techcenter.url =

visbridge.config.techcenter.login = sysadmin

visbridge.config.techcenter.password = DoNald01

visbridge.config.techcenter.timeout = 30


The ENOVIA source URL that accesses Moovapps Techcenter must be enabled on the Techcenter side (CORS).

Validate http or https communication between ENOVIA and TC.