The interface of publication accessible by the order “To publish towards TechCenter” comprises by default two screens.

The first makes it possible to select the TechCenter folder towards which the documents will be exported.

By carrying out a right click on a folder of the tree structure, a contextual menu appears and makes it possible to create under folders.

Once the folder of destination selected, a click on the “Following” button led towards a new screen of notification of the users.

The users displayed in the table come from the TechCenter directory. They are those having already rights in reading (or lecture+écriture.) on the TechCenter folder of destination.

To add a user:

To add new users, it is enough to click on the button corresponding, in top on the left.

A form of creation appears then.

The field “E-mail” has a system of auto--completion which is based on the directory of TechCenter. This in order to facilitate entered in the case of the already existing users but not having yet right on the folder.

To personalize the message of notification:

It is also possible to personalize the model of the e-mail of notification while clicking on the corresponding button, in top on the left.

Select a model of message, and personalize it with the requirement by changing the subject and/or the bodies for the message. The bodies of the message can contain beacons which will be interpreted by TechCenter and will be replaced by the value of the attribute of the document (the author of the document for example. To refer to TechCenter documentation for more information).