The publication is one-way: the documents are exported 3DEXPERIENCE towards TechCenter.

Attributes or “Custom TechCenter attributes” can be developed by those of the documents resulting from 3DEXPERIENCE.

This publication can be automatic either at the time of an event “Promote” on a document with a passage to the state “Release”, that is to say manual.

For a manual publication, two orders are available since the small right click on a document, or a comprising folder of the documents:

  • “To publish towards TechCenter” which gives access an interface of publication making it possible to select the folder of destination as well as the users to be notified
  • “To publish quickly towards TechCenter” which does not comprise any interface. The action of this order is identical to that of the automatic publication, but with a release with the request

The orders do not appear in the following cases:

  • The document does not have any attached file (= no file to be published)
  • The document does not observe the conditions of publication (skeletal in the file of configuration, by checking for example that the state of the document is “Release”)