BridgeWorkerOutput processes the new message of the type “TCCreateObject”.

BridgeWorkerOutput is connected to ENOVIA and positions the state of synchronization of the document in Techcenter.


  • Worker 3 will seek the ID of object ENOVIA in the message
  • Worker 3 is connected to ENOVIA
  • Research of object ENOVIA thanks to the ID
  • Modify the following attributes:
    • “Last publication status to TechCenter”:
      • Green : last synchro OK
      • Orange : Already synchronized, even last attempt with error
      • Red : Ever synchronized
    • “Last publication dates to TechCenter”
      • Date last attempt synchro
    • “Last successful publication dates to TechCenter”
      • Last date synchro succeeded

Not attention/Remarks

The API ENOVIA are used by the KS

An account of service ENOVIA will have to be envisaged to connect itself starting from KAFKA except so API Rest used: