BridgeWorkerOutput processes the new message of type "TCCreateObject" or "ERPPromoteObject".

BridgeWorkerOutput connects to ENOVIA and positions the document's synchronization state in the ERP.


  • BridgeWorkerOutput will look for the ID of the ENOVIA object in the message
  • BridgeWorkerOutput connects to ENOVIA
  • Search ENOVIA object with ID
  • Changes the following attributes:
    • "Posted to ERP on" - NOT CHANGED A THIS STAGE
      • date/Time of last successful publication to ERP, that is, the ERP returned a successful acknowledgement with the effective date of this attribute.
      • Internal Name: VISLastSuccessfullExportDateToERP
    • "Last attempt to publish on"
      • date/Time of last attempt to publish to ERP
      • Internal Name: VISLastExportDateToERP
    •  "Last Attempt Status"
      • Internal Name: VISLastExportStatusToERP
      • All possible values:
        • FAILED
          • FAILED WORKER: On message 10:
            • VISLastExportDateToERP = current date
            • VISLastExportStatusToERP = FAILED
            • VISLastExportMessageToERP = Worker Error Message
          • FAILED ERP -> comes from the AR ERP (on IMPORT):
            • VISLastSuccessfullExportDateToERP: do not tag
            • VISLastExportDateToERP: Current date
            • VISLastExportStatusToERP = FAILED
            • VISLastExportMessageToERP = ERP entered problem detail
        • IN PROGRESS: On Message 10
          • VISLastExportDateToERP = current date
          • VISLastExportStatusToERP = IN PROGRESS
          • VISLastExportMessageToERP = "Part available for ERP import process."
        • SUCCESS: comes from the AR ERP
          • Must update all attributes by IMPORT
            • VISLastSuccessfullExportDateToERP: Current date
            • VISLastExportDateToERP: Current date
            • VISLastExportStatusToERP = SUCCESS
            • VISLastExportMessageToERP = "Synchronized ERP. "

    • Detail
      • Internal Name: VISLastExportMessageToERP
      • Text message explaining the error <- to consolidate

Focus / Remarks

ENOVIA APIs are used by KS

An ENOVIA service account will need to be set up to connect from KAFKA unless "API Rest" is used: