Possible operation on the parts, the assemblies or drawings.

This operation makes it possible to inform a relationship with the list of the properties of the traversed documents. The report must, as a preliminary, be created by the operation ''To create a report of control''. This file can be with the Word format (Doc.) or quite simply with the format text (txt). One can select the report in which one wishes to add the list of the properties. (See the heading ''Others'' for all the operations on the reports).

Example :

The '' reportPropriétés.txt report'' being already created, one will add all the properties of ''All configurations + document'' and this some either result of the specified condition.


 The choice of the report in which to add the properties is to be selected among the drop-down list.


 The case of execution of the operation is to be selected among the drop-down list according to the result of the condition.


 One can specify which properties to add in the report.