According to the possibly specified filters, while clicking on this icon  one can add one or more documents to the selection.

The documents can be of any type of files SOLIDWORKS: drawings, parts, assemblies, models of documents etc…

The folders can be Slipped/Deposited in the window since the Windows explorer.

If a document SOLIDWORKS is open, it is possible to add this document to the list .

Selection of an assembly by this icon  allows automatically to insert all drawings of the dependences of this assembly (as well as the drawing of the selected assembly).

Two windows will appear, the first to select a part or an assembly, the second to select the folder of research of drawings.

If one selects files which are in reading alone, a message means with the user that certain selected files are in reading alone and that they do not appear in the list and thus which they will not be taken into account in the treatment. This option can be disabled in filters of selection.