Possible operation on the parts, the assemblies or drawings.

This operation makes it possible to create or modify the value of a property of the selected files, by recovering the value since an Excel table.

 The utility is connected only once when the button  is selected. So meanwhile you modify the file Excel this one is not updated in the utility. To take into account the modifications it is necessary to leave the utility and to start again it so that the table reloaded either.

Example :

The property ''Description'' must be created (or modified if it exists) by recovering the value contained in the file Excel ''SmartBom.xls'' corresponding to the column ''Description'' of the first sheet ''1'' for the selected files.



 Location of the Excel file containing all the values

 Name of the property to be created

 Number of the sheet, Key to be used, Name of the column to be used

The formatting of the criteria with like separator ''|'' breaks up as follows and makes it possible to codify the cell to be read:

1 => N° of the Excel sheet to be used

<PathName> => Clé to obtain the line.

Description => Nom of the column “Codes” with reading. One can also use ''*'' to take all the columns.


Example for the selection of the following files:

For the file: “180-axis supports” the property “Description” will take the value “Centers shoulders”.

For the file: “180-Disque” the property “Description” will take the value “Disque”.

For the file: “180-Manila-male” the property “Description” will take to the value “Manila-male”.

Keys usable for the second fields:

<PathName>  => Adresse supplements file

<FileName>  => Nom of the file

<$Propriété>  => Valeur of the property

And, in an optional way, one can use in complement of the second field the key <Configuration>  => Nom of the column which contains the name of the configuration where to create the property (if not the property is created on the document).