Possible operation on the parts, the assemblies or drawings.

This operation makes it possible to add or modify, of the traversed document, the specified property.

Example :

Addition of the property ''Designer'' with the value ''Paul'', if it exists already it will be modified.


You can use certain coded instructions.

<FileName> to display the name of the document.

<PathName> to display the complete path of safeguard of the document.

$Name of the property to display a value of property of the document (if the name of the property contains a space, to use %20% to replace this space).

<Configuration> to display the name of the configuration document activates.

<ReadFile|D:\Sample.txt > to read the contents of a textual file (txt). Example here the Sample.txt file.

<Date> to display the date.

<Time> to display the hour.

<NewLine> to pass to the line.

Example :

The operation consists in here creating the property ''Folder'' by recovering the current directory of the traversed document.



It is possible to recopy the whole of the properties present in:




For that it is necessary to add this operation by using the character joker “*“for “Name of the property” and”$*“for the value.


Result the properties were indeed copied in the properties of the document: