This dialog box makes it possible to create a list of properties to be inserted automatically.

To support on  in order to add a property.

- ''Name'': to enter, with the keyboard, the name of the property or to select it among the drop-down list.

- ''Type'': To choose the type of property by selecting it among the drop-down list .

- ''Value'': To enter the value which the property will take during its creation. By pressing on  it is possible to define its value (see Type of property).

- ''Condition'': The property can be added to the document duplicated according to a particular condition .

In the image above, three properties will be created:

- The property” Description'' will be always created with the value ''PRELIMINARY DRAFT''.

- The property” Date'' will be created only for the documents ''Part'' or ''Assembly''.

- The property” Supplier'' will be created only if the document is resulting from the ''Toolbox''.

Certain properties can be unchecked  if they should not be taken into account during the treatment.

To remove a property of the list, it is enough to select it then to support on .