First of all it is necessary to specify the folder from which the analysis will be launched. I.e. that the references, the documents, the folders could be only in this zone of action. An element out of this structure will not be taken into account.

  • ''Zone of action'':
    • The button is used  to define the higher level of research.


    •  It is possible to carry out a complete safeguard of the whole of the folders and files SOLIDWORKS in a folder specified in options. That carries out a safeguard at the moment T. If, thereafter, modifications are carried out on documents of the zone of action, they will not be saved, in this case it will be necessary to remake a safeguard.

This safeguard creates a folder ''ProjectExplorer recovery'', example: .

    • If the reorganization were not carried out correctly or if the user wishes to retrogress,  it is possible to restore the safeguard.

  ATTENTION so of the initial documents, of the zone of action, were modified since the last safeguard, they will be crushed.

  • ''Statistics'':
    • The analysis structural of the folders and the documents is launched while clicking on the button .


    • Once the finished analysis, a report of the structure is displayed. In the example above, one can see that the folder contains:


      • 479 parts SOLIDWORKS
      • 74 assemblies SOLIDWORKS
      • 149 drawings SOLIDWORKS          
      • 142 pennies folders

A gauge indicates the volume of files of the zone of action. More the cursor is the high (towards the red) more time of analysis will be long.

If one answers ''Not'', one remains on the window of reception.

 ProjectExplorer does not make it possible to process a folder which contains virtual subassemblies which contain them then same nonvirtual components, if the analyzed folder contains this kind of documents, this massage will appear:


The treatment with ProjectEplorer will be fallen through.

If the analyzed folder does not contain this kind of documents, then the following message appears, it is enough to answer” Yes'' to continue:



The safeguard is launched even if a safeguard were made beforehand with the button .

The tool checks the presence of the folder ''ProjectExplorer recovery'' in the folder of safeguard defines in options and proposes to remake the safeguard, this allows to avoid using ProjectExplorer on a folder which was not saved at the moment T:


If the safeguard does not need to be realized again, it is possible to cancel the allowance of the safeguard while clicking on Not.

 The following message appears then:


This message informs that the following operations are not supported by ProjectExplorer:

  • Copy-Paste
  • Copy-Paste by crushing files in another folder
  • Cut-Paste by crushing files in another folder

It is possible to disable this message for the next uses of ProjectExplorer by checking the option