It is first of all necessary to select the nomenclature on which the module must be based to generate the boards of components. The type of nomenclature selected during creation is thus important. The number of views generated in the boards corresponds to the number of lines present in the nomenclature.


The window of selection recovers all the columns present in the nomenclature. It is then possible to choose what will be used for the posting of the view annotations.


It is enough to check  or to uncheck  a label to select the annotation to be displayed under the labels. Possibility of checking or of unchecking all the labels.

The column ''Label'' corresponds to the fixed text which will be at the beginning of the annotation. This label can be modified or removed while clicking in the cell.

Annotations use the font face of the document.

It is even possible to erase the label if one wishes to display only the annotation of the nomenclature.