This zone makes it possible to update the base of translation “DrawingTranslate.sqlite“.

The site of the file cannot be modified.

Click on  to reach the window.


This window presents the last upgrade of the base of translation. It is possible to search a character string in the base while clicking on . It is a research full text and the results are displayed in real time.

In double clicking in a cell it is possible to modify its contents directly.

You will make use of the bar of icons to update the base of translation.

 This icon enables you to reload the last recorded base. For example if you made modifications and that you do not wish to preserve them.

 This icon enables you to record all the made modifications. That this either in direct modification or important a new translation (CSV).

 This icon enables you to import a translation in order to add it at the already recorded base. For recall these files are with the format CSV i.e. which they can be directly indicated since Excel. For importing a new translation it is imperatively necessary to save the base in progress.

 This icon makes it possible to export the base towards a file with format CSV.

 This icon makes it possible to add a line of translation. This line will be positioned at the end of the list.

 After all modifications it is necessary to record the base.

By a right click in the list it is possible:


  • To add a line to the list. This line will be positioned at the end of the list.
  • To remove a selection of one or more lines.
  • To export a selection of one or more lines. For example to make carry out the specific translation of certain terms. Then this translation will be imported in the base.
  • To modify the posting of the list by specifying the columns corresponding to the selected languages and to modify the number of lines to be displayed. By default the box “max” is checked.


But I can die-select the box and enter a value, for example I entered here “5” (5 lines to be displayed on the 35 whom the base comprises).