The database profiled is a library which indexes all the bars of profiles that you use in your workshop. When you launch a project, CuttingOptimization recover in this base all information in order to optimize cuttings and falls of the designs containing profiles.

  • Creation of the databases profiled :

- The creation of the databases is done directly in Excel (Recorded in .csv), Excel file which must be recorded in the folder defined in options sites. (By default in the folder “Bases”, of the folder of installation of the utility).


  • Management of the databases profiled :

To open the management of the bases of profiles, the icon should be used  .


This window makes it possible to visualize your databases, it is also possible to display the options of site of these bases and to publish the tables.

- To modify itsite bases : .

This option makes it possible to display the window of options to modify the site of the bases of profiles.

- Bases available :


This pull-down menu displays all your bases of profiles and makes it possible to select one of these bases to display it in the window of management.

- To publish the table :

The button  allows to open the file Excel (.csv) base displayed in the window to modify it.


This file contains all the information useful for the study for each of the profiles: density, time of cut, time of loading, time of adjustment of the thrusts, etc…

 After the modification of the file, record the file with the format .csv