Automatically import and export a set of SOLIDWORKS documents

 Optimize the tasks import/export


BatchConverter allows to convert automatically a list of documents SOLIDWORKS (Parts, Assemblies or Drawings) in all the formats supported by SOLIDWORKS (DXF, TIFF, PDF, IGES,…).

With BatchConverter, gain more than 16 work hours per project!

Calculation is simple: in a 200 plan draft, if it takes on average 5 minutes to export a document, one obtains 16 hours of tasks to low added-value.


Videos of presentation


View below a technical presentation of the tool BatchConverter.


Key features

    • Importation/Export of all the formats supported by SOLIDWORKS.
    • Function with SOLIDWORKS To compose.
    • Possibility of creating a document by configuration.
    • Allows to N transform a document with configurations into N distinct documents.
    • Choice of folder of creation files results.
    • Connection to the vault PDM.

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