This option allows you to automatically bubble drawing views. With this option, the bullage is done by selecting a view of drawing. The components of this view, are automatically bubbled.

  • To be unaware of the multiple occurrences of the view :

If several times ago the same component in a view, with this checked option, it will be bubble only once.

  • By level of components :

This option makes it possible to select 2 extra information:

    • To select a view of the sheet of drawing
    • In this view, select the level you want to bubble. If there are several overlapping assemblies one can thus ask to locate the components of an assembly of level 2,3,4 etc…


The levels are calculated automatically according to the number of levels found in the assembly.

In the example below, the assembly comprises 3 levels. The location bubble only components of the assembly “Copie de Liaison”.