In this part of the utility, it is possible to parameterize the name of the layers for each annotation, description, the color and to activate or not the layer.

  • Setting of the layers of annotations:

- Choice of the layers to be created :

By defaults all the layers are selected, it is possible to uncheck layers so that they are not created unnecessarily.

EX: Drawing does not contain annotations “Symbol of welding”, “geometrical Tolerance”, “Target of reference” and “Block”.

By clicking on the image of the annotation, it is possible to disable them.


- Name :

It is possible to modify the noun of the layers.


- Description :

It is possible to add a description to the layers created.


- Color :

To modify the color of a layer, it is necessary to click on the square of color, which is by default black .

To choose the color and to validate with the button .


The layer of the notes will be created of red.


- Activated/Disabled :

To modify this option, it is necessary to click on the button .

- Activated layer  : The layer will be created and visible on drawing.

- Disabled layer  : the layer will be created, but will be hidden in drawing.

 In drawing, it is possible constantly to activate or disable a layer in the properties of layers.