In FeatureManager, the second zone makes it possible to specify the choice of the police for the modification of the edges.

A color is selected:



One selects then a thickness and a kind of line:


For a future use, as soon as information of police was regulated, it is possible to record them in favourites.

To click on the icon  in order to enter the name of the favourites to be saved.

  • To create a new combination (favourites), it is necessary that the list positioned either on . If favourites is already selected among the list, while clicking on this icon you modify this favourites. These favourites are then available in a drop-down list. For the moment this list of favourites is saved in the folder of installation of the tool FaceFonts.


  • To remove favourites, it is enough to select it among the list then to click on the icon . If this icon is inactive  that wants to say that the list is regulated on.


  • It is possible to affect a ''Personalized size'', in this case you can enter the thickness of the feature in the zone envisaged for this purpose.


  • It is always possible to retrogress in order to restore the police by default of the edges of a face. For that it is enough to select the faces then to click on ''To restore the police by default'' .