Three methods are proposed to the user to create the boards of components starting from an assembly:

  • All parts
  • First level only
  • All sub-assemblies.

These 3 methods correspond to the 3 types of nomenclatures suggested by SOLIDWORKS. Using the interface of the nomenclatures, the user can:

  • Die-to select the components which he does not want to see appearing in the board of component.
  • To reorder the components.
  • To break up an sub-assembly to go up its components at the higher level.

The views are created on the sheets in the order where the components appear in the nomenclature.

This step is thus very important before launching the tool ''AssemblyBoard''.

 If one adds, removes or reorganizes components after having created the boards, it is again necessary to carry out the tool ''AssemblyBoard'' since the nomenclature will be modified.

 The tool ''AssemblyBoard'' is not usable directly in the environment assembly 3D.