As soon as a printer is selected it is necessary to choose a format of impression. A list is proposed gathering all the formats available for this kind of material.


Then for the selected format it is possible:

  • To regulate the thicknesses of lines .

This button is available only if the active document is a drawing.


For each thickness of line one regulates a particular value. By clicking onone recovers the thicknesses of the lines regulated in the options SOLIDWORKS of the document.

  • To regulate the margins to be used .

            Margins of the printer                                    Specific margins


  • To specify the orientation of impression. Horizontal or vertical or to ask that the tool “EasyPrint” automatically choose the orientation according to the analyzed format.


  • To force the autoscaling .
  • To specify the sheets of drawings which must be printed.
    • Impression of all the sheets
    • Impression of the active sheet
    • Impression of certain pages, number of the sheets separated by the character '';'' (example 1; 3; 6)

The button  allows to launch the window outline before the impression of the document.

To launch the impression while pressing on the button .