Concerning the selection of the component, there are 3 possibilities:

  • Selection of the component in the window SOLIDWORKS or since the tree of creation. Only one component can be selected here.
  • Selection of a component since a folder  .
  • Selection of a folder  from which the SmartBom tool will list all the documents.

For each choice some options can be specified.


  • It is possible to choose the configuration among the list of the configurations available in the selected document.
  • If, in the project, it is asked to take into account the files of drawing, one can specify the place where to go to seek the plans.


  • By checking the option “With the sub-folders“, one takes into account all the files contained in the sub-folders of the selected component.

The tool SmartBom from now on is connected with PDM on condition that being in possession of a licence myPDMtools. I.e. that you can select folders directly since a vault PDM and that the research of the plans is automatic.