By a simple Drag and drop one deposits the icon ''Counter'' with the site desired in the column ''Properties“. Or '' Double to click” on the icon ''Counter''.

'' typeCounter'' makes it possible to increment a property on each document by creating a single property. This property can be used to name the documents (see options of naming).


If this property is already present in the document it is recovered in the data entry form but is not incremented. You however have the possibility of forcing the incrementing by using the button “Index”, in this case it is necessary to check the option ''To display a button to add an increment'' in order to add the button in the data entry form.

The button  allows to parameterize the counters.

See the setting of the counters in the paragraph ''SmartCounter''.

It is possible of indicer a counter if a property changes.

 The property is to be selected among the drop-down list.

So configurations exist in the document, there is possible to take a new number of counter for each configuration.