By clicking on this link, you can regulate certain features.


  • Choice of the language used by the utility myCADtools.


  • Certain utilities require to open files with SOLIDWORKS, if several versions of SOLIDWORKS are installed on your station it is necessary to specify the version with which these files will be open. The option by default in myCADpassport for the version SOLIDWORKS is the last version installed.


  • It is possible to lock by a password the options of the utility myCADtools. If you are several users and that you wish to limit the access to the modifications of the options, you can use a password. This password will be required at the time of the access to these options.

  • One notification of news is automatically activated; It is about a POPUP which comes to be displayed in bottom and on the right of your screen. If you wish to disable this notification it is enough to check this order.

  • To erase automatically the logs of the tools myCADtools all X days.


  • By not checking the option ''To use help on the Web'' to use you the help installed locally on the work station.