Thanks to this option you can copy drawings of the renamed document 3D and rename.

Two buttons make it possible to add drawings:

  •  To add a file manually : Luser selects the file to be added manually.
  •  Folder of research : allows to select a folder in order to search automatically drawings of the document 3D. The options of research enable you to refine the treatment.

Three buttons make it possible to parameterize the name and the site of drawing:

  •  To traverse: allows to define the site of the document by selecting the folder of destination.
  •  Location of the part (or assembly) : allows to define the site of the document in the same one as that of the new document 3D.
  •  Rename : allows rename drawing selected in the list.


Options of research:

  • Research under folder : during the selection of a folder of research, research will be also carried out under folders.
  • Addition only of the same plan name : options allowing to accelerate the research of drawing. The sorting, and thus the treatment, are faster.
  • Automatic research in the folder of the 3D : during the selection of the option of addition of associated drawing, SmartProperties automatically will search drawings in the folder of the file 3D by taking of account the option of recursivity.