Standardize a set of SOLIDWORKS documents by copying options from a reference document

 Standardize and modify easily your documents SOLIDWORKS


CopyOptions allows to copy the options SOLIDWORKS of a document reference towards one or more other documents of the same type.

With CopyOptions, gain more than 16 work hours per project! Calculation is simple: to process a bundle of 200 plans, if it takes you on average 5 minutes per document to update all the plans with your title block, sheet formats and options of documents. 16 hours of tasks to low added-value are obtained.


Videos of presentation


View below a technical presentation of the tool CopyOptions.


Key features

    • Selection of one document reference (Plan, Part or Assembly).
    • Selection of a set of documents of the same type to be modified.
    • Automatic copy of the options, personalized properties, material, color and layers.
    • Possibility of replacing them automatically sheet formats of a set of plans according to the format of each one.

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