By a simple Drag and drop one deposits the icon ''Dimension'' with the site desired in the column ''Properties“. Or '' Double to click” on the icon ''Dimension''.

This kind of property makes it possible to recover in a field the value of a dimension.


This kind of property creates a zone of selection. When you click this zone it is activated in order to allow the selection of a dimension in SOLIDWORKS. When this dimension is selected, its name appears in the cell but the property entered will display the value of the dimension, if you want to use it in a note or a nomenclature. In addition, this value is associated with the model, i.e. this dimension value is read back each time this attribute is called. It is thus always up to date without needing to start again the utility.

For not that this dimension is updated automatically and to solidify the value in the properties, it is necessary to check the option ''To break the link with the document''.

Here the result of posting in SOLIDWORKS.


Other options concerning this kind of property are customizables in the general options of the dimensions, to refer to setting  ''Type dimensions''.

To remove the contents of a dimension selected either:

  • To click another dimension to replace the value of the initially selected dimension.
  • To click the dimension again in order to empty the fields of the property “Dimensions”.