This mode makes it possible to create, for example, of the annotations of the XYZ type attached to the points or the selected entities.

It is necessary to start by selecting cordonnées to extract (see: Selection of the coordinates to be extracted)

We go, for example, to use the mode of selection of point or summit, and we will activate all the filters of selection.


It is then enough to select an arc of a circle or a summit for example to create an associative annotation 3D automatically, this induces that if the model evolves, the annotations are automatically put up to date.


The function should then be validated:


The tool then creates Macro Feature in bottom of the tree of creation:


Any modification of geometry then involves an update of the coordinates without needing to republish the function thanks to this Macro Feature.

It is all the same possible to publish the function to add an annotation or to modify the options for example.

It is then enough to make a right click on the function: GetCoordinates3D and to choose: To publish the function .