This property is to be used in the data entry form by a drawing or a part with weldment.


The utility of this property, it is of being able:

  • Starting from a drawing, to affect a property presents in drawing in the document 3D referred.
  • Starting from a selection of mechanic welded in a part, to affect a property present in the article of part welded in the document 3D.
  • Starting from a selection of a component in an assembly, to assign a property (coming from this component) to the parent assembly.

By clicking on the icon of the options  it is possible to select what one wishes to recover or apply.

Example : The folder of safeguard of drawing.

  • To recover a property of an article of welded part and to go up it as a property of the document (for the moment the parts tack welded in an assembly are not processed)


The property can be applied either to the document (tab ''To personalize“), that is to say with the configuration activates (”Specific to the configuration'') which is used in the drawing of the part.