To launch the creation of a project since a table of elements of weldments, it is necessary to use the icon ''To import a table SW''.

Prerequisite : A document Drawing, comprising a table tack welding, must be active.

  • Selection of the profiles:


To recover the profiles in CuttingOptimization, it is necessary to click in the window of selection to activate it:


By default the window of selection is ''Activated''.

Since a drawing SOLIDWORKS, to select the table of tack welding.


All the profiles of the table of weldments are inserted in the table of correspondence of profiles of CuttingOptimization.

You have the possibility of removing the selection with the button ''Unselect''.

  • Table of correspondence of the profiles:


In the first column, one finds the designation of the profiles in the table of weldments and the second names of the profiles which one created in database profiled.

 So that the column ''Name in the base CuttingOptimization“fills automatically, it is necessary that the property '' Description” of the profiles in SOLIDWORKS correspond exactly to the value in the second column of the database (.csv) of the profiles created in CuttingOptimization.

If names do not correspond, the column ''Name in the base CuttingOptimization'' can be empty or partially filled. In this case you can manually select a section in the base CuttingOptimization.


To click on  to validate the table and to create the projects.

  • Project:

The project is created and indicated automatically.


It is possible to modify each reference mark by publishing the elements of the project, as seen in the chapter ''Creation of a new project”.

You can now to publish the report of each project.