The groups of criteria suggested are fixed. It is not possible to withdraw some or to add some.

  • Most criteria are of the fields of the type “Full text”. I.e. that it is enough to inform the value. Character”*“(joker) makes it possible nothing to indicate. If not, it is possible to type, for example”Name of a property equal to Customer“only files containing a named property”Customer“will be analyzed.


  • Certain properties can answer a particular criterion.

Example : “Type of part equal to Weldments“.

Only the tack welded parts will be analyzed.

Example : “Type of part = Tack welded“.

Only the tack welded parts will be analyzed.

Example : “Toobox = Standard“.

Only the parts resulting from the Toolbox library will be analyzed.

  •  Certain properties are digital and thus it is possible to enter a number or a range of values.

Example : “Assemblies of which the component count is understood between 0 and 100 components“.


 To reset all the criteria it is enough to make a right click in any criterion and to select “New research“.

 It is possible to search the absence of information. For example, I wish to search all the files which do not have the named configuration “Config1“. It is enough in this case to make precede name by the character”!