Conversion of color DXF:


This option makes it possible to convert the colors of drawing during conversion into DXF.

To choose the initial color and the final color with this button

       To choose the initial color                                  To choose the final color


All the elements in black in drawing will be converted into red in the DXF.


To burst the blocks:

This option makes it possible to burst the blocks contained in drawing.

Autonomous color of the notes:

To check this option not to take into account the conversion of the colors for the notes.

Drawing with multiple sheet (DXF or DWG):

This option allows during the conversion of drawings into DXF or DWG to choose to export the sheets in three different ways.


  • To export the sheet only activates: A file DXF containing only the sheet activates selected drawing.
  • To export all the sheets in separate files: A file DXF or DWG by sheet.

During the selection of this option, a window appears:



This window of warning specifies you that the converted files must be renamed in order not to generate the same name for all the sheets. If the DXFs or DWGs are not renamed, each file will crush the precedent of the same name.

You can, constantly, coachman the option “not to more display this message” not to more see appearing this window.

It is possible, in the ''General'' menu, to display the hidden messages again.

  • To export all the sheets in the same file: A file DXF containing all the sheets of selected drawing.