Contrary to tab the ''Plans creation'' which applies to a list of files, tab the ''Variation sheets'' is used by taking of account the drawing of the active document. If the active document is not a drawing, this part is grayed.

In the example above drawing comprises 4 views, the utility ''SmartDrawings'' detects that there are 5 configurations of created in the document 3D and propose to create the associated sheets. One can check  the configurations for which one wishes an additional sheet and to uncheck  those which one does not wish. The icon  indicate the active configuration in the sheet already present and thus it is unchecked by default.

Idem for the 4 views of drawing, if one does not wish to duplicate a view, it is enough to uncheck it .

This part also makes it possible to specify and select  the sheet format (slddrt) to use for the generation of the successive sheets. Attention this function applies only the sheet format by creating the view of face and the view on side. If your model contains preset views, they will not be used.

It is then enough to press on the icon  in order to generate the sheets in active drawing.