Possible operation on the parts or the assemblies.

This operation makes it possible to decline a new document by configuration (for a part or an assembly).

Select the folder of destination while clicking on .

The name of the new files will be generated according to the option chosen in ''New name''.

The 3rd information is important if we wish to remove or not the inactive configurations in the new generated document.

Example : All the variations will be recorded in the folder ''D:\Samples\180 - Integration \ Copies''. Generated name will be composed of the name of the followed document by the name of the configuration. The option being on ''Yes'' all the inactive configurations will be removed in the new document (thus in this case there will be nothing any more but only one configuration). If the option is on ''Not'' the generated document still comprises all the initial configurations and only the named configuration is active.


 If the folder of destination is not specified, the variations will be recorded in the processed documentation index.

This operation also processes the references of drawings in the operation of update of the references of assembly with the variation of the configurations of the parts.