Possible operation on the assemblies.

This operation makes it possible, in an assembly, to create a document “mono-configuration” by configuration used and to replace the components in question in the assemblies.

The rule of naming:


The operation does not open the documents in SOLIDWORKS except if the variations do not exist first.

The components with the property “IsFastener=1” are not taken into account.

Components belonging to a folder of library (see Options) are not taken either into account.

Example :

I take the case of an assembly “ASM1“. It comprises components”Square“and”Round“used each one in different configurations”1 hole“and”2 holes“.


  • Step 1: I definite the condition “If the assembly contains a particular component” in the folder specified “E:\… \ RPE \ Feeding-bottle” containing of the components using several configurations.


  • Step 2: I parameter an operation which consists in recording each component with specified name. In this example the safeguard of the files will be the followed “Name” by the “Name of the configuration”.


 Important: the folder defines under the condition must be identical to that of the site of the documents to replace.

As of the end of the treatment, I can note that the files indeed were created and replaced in the assembly by preserving all the associated references and constraints.


A report of the treatment carried out can be displayed specifying the operations carried out successfully or failure.