To add a condition it is enough to choose and make slip, from the zone ''Definition of a condition'', the condition towards the folder ''And''.



To create a condition if the property” Description'' exists, then one will carry out the operation some either value of the property.

One can create several conditions while making slip other conditions into the folder ''And''.



After having created the first condition one adds in the folder ''And“the condition” If the number of characters of the property Description is equal to 4''.

If the property” Description'' AND that its value is equal to ''4'' characters then the operation is applied.

A right click on a condition makes it possible to open a menu in order to:

  • To develop all the headings of the conditions.
  • To gather all the headings of the conditions.
  • To be able to copy (in a Word file or text) the totality of the conditions with their description. After having selected ''To copy the whole of the conditions“it is necessary to make a '' Coller” (right click or Ctrl+V) in the file.