• Printer to be defined:

To select in the pull-down menu the printer which you chose in the menu ''Definition of the printers''.


For a selected printer it is possible to regulate the margins of impression if it is wished that they be different from the margins by default.


  • Paper size according to the formats:

For each format SOLIDWORKS, to define a size of exit paper for the selected printer.


In this example, a drawing with the A2 format, will leave on your printer on a A3 format.

- It is possible to define an exit paper for the files parts and assemblies.

- For the different formats (All formats nondefined in this menu).

- For the American formats.

- For the personalized formats.

To personalize formats, to use the button ''Mapping formats'' (See below). In the table, the three personalized formats are defined by names C1, C2 and C3.

- To record the adjustments:

Once the definition of the sizes paper realized, to save these adjustments for this printer with the button ''To record the formats of this printer''.

- Definition of several printers:

 If you used the option ''To define printers according to the formats'', to select a new printer in the pull-down menu and to make the adjustments for each printer used.

 To save the adjustments for each printer.

  • Correspondence of the formats and thicknesses:


- Mapping thickness:

The reduction of the format of drawing (for example if a drawing with the A0 format leaves on your printer to the A3 format) will decrease the thicknesses of lines to the impression. In this table, it is possible to define thicknesses of lines according to the reductions of format.


To modify this table, to uncheck the option .

- Mapping formats:

To launch the impression to the good format and on the good printer, SOLIDWORKS must admit the formats of selected drawings. In this table, it is possible to define a width and a height for each format of impression.



To modify the columns” Width'' and ''Height''.

- It is possible to manually add a new format with its size.


- To add a tolerance on the sizes of width and height, the detection of the formats.


For the format personalized C1 , if your drawing has a specific size: Width 280 and Hauteur: 217, it will be detected.

 After each modification of the table, to save with the button ''To record''.