• To always use the same printer: 


- Printer:

To select your printer in the pull-down menu.


The option  is automatically checked when your printer is compatible.

The button ''Properties'' gives access all the options of your printer.

- Scale of impression:

To select the option ''Scale at best'' or '' Personnalized'' for all the selected documents.


- Orientation:

To select an orientation of impression for all the selected documents.


The option ''Automatic'' makes it possible automatically to manage the orientation of your documents.

The button ''To memorize'' makes it possible to record all the adjustments carried out for the selected printer.

  • To define printers according to the formats:

This option makes it possible to define a printer for each paper format.

- Definition of the format and the printer:

Selection of the format in the pull-down menu.


Choice of the printer for this format.


To define the options of scale, impression and orientation (See above)

 To memorize the adjustments for each formats selected with the button ''To memorize''.

To carry out same handling for the other formats, while always following the same screen:

- Selection of the format.

- Selection of the printer for the selected format.

- Choice of the options.

- Safeguard of the printer and the options for the format selected ''To memorize''.