In certain branches of industry the concept of color is very important and must respect quite precise norms.

These colors, or appearances all, answer a quite specific coding based on the combination of the three basic colors red (R), green (V), Blue (B). Each code is expressed by a number ranging between 0 and 255. The proportioning of each primary color makes it possible to obtain the desired color. A site makes it possible to create its own colors

The colour charts are stored in files with the format “xml”. After the installation of the setup myCADtools, the folder of safeguard of these files is in the folder of installation of the tool ''ColorChart''.

If the files are in another folder, it is possible to select it while clicking on the icon .

These files can and customizables by the user and can be published by a text editor such as “Notepad++” for example.

It is necessary to respect the following structure:

     - Colour chart

          - FamilleA




          - FamilleB




For each family and each nuance, it is necessary to define following information:

* the identifier or codes.

* name in three languages: French (Fr), English (in), German (of).

* the combination RGB (ex: 205,164,52).

The translations is not obligatory, in this case it is the French name which is displayed.

Several sites propose the standardized colors (ex: for colour chart RAL).

Example of colour chart RAL :