To add an operation it is enough to choose and make slip, from the zone ''Definition of the operation'', the operation towards the folder ''Operations''.



If the definite conditions are then observed the 2 operations ''Concatenation'' and ''Suppresses the tables on the plan'' will be carried out:

  • The property ''Material'' will be created in concatenating the values of the properties ''Material'' and ''Treatment''.



  • If the traversed document is a drawing the second operation will remove the tables of ''Nomenclature'' according to the fourth sheet.

A right click on an operation makes it possible to open a menu in order to:

  • To develop all the headings of the operations.
  • To gather all the headings of the operations.
  • To be able to copy (in a Word file or text) the totality of the operations with their description. After having selected ''To copy the whole of the operations“it is necessary to make a '' Coller” (right click or Ctrl+V) in the file.
  • By clicking on ''To add at the end of the tree of the actions“that will automatically place the operation at the end of the list without passing by a '' Glisser/Déposer”. It is practical when the list is long.