To use the button  to add a tool to the list.

Then to regulate the options of the tool.

To choose the type of tool:


The type Application allows to launch any achievable resulting from myCADtools or another application (Excel, Word etc…).

The type Macro allows to launch a macro particular function.

The type Document allows to open an unspecified document Excel, Word, PDF or an image (jpg, png…). It is also possible to directly launch an action Integration on the active document, to see chapter: Automatic launching of an action Integration

The type Web site gives access directly a Web page.

The type Separator allows to insert a space between the icons of the tools of the bar.

For all the types (except the Separating type) one specifies a name for the tool as well as the choice of an icon (most formats of images are supported). The icon must be sufficiently reduced not to take too much place, about 24 pixels for example.


 Optional information.

Then for the first 3 types it will be necessary to select the achievable one, the macro one or the document to be charged.


This fields is also used in order to specify the address for connection Web.


In certain case you will be able to specify one argumant has the achievable one or with macro.


The visibility makes it possible to activate the orders according to the type of active document (part, assembly or plan).


Icon on the tool bar.


You must specify a .ico containing 3 images (20 X 20.32 X 32.40 X 40 pixels)

While checking this option the tool will be launched to each starting of SOLIDWORKS. For example: to connect themselves to a website or to launch macro opening a new document part with launching of the utility SmartProperties.


When the option ''To activate the events'' is checked in options it is possible to associate or start the tool according to an event.

For example here the tool will be launched to each new file SOLIDWORKS. Several events can be selected.


These events generally make calls with API SOLIDWORKS, for more details, please consult the ''Headings of API help of SOLIDWORKS and the complements'' since SOLIDWORKS online help.

Once the tools present in the list, they are different by a specific icon:

  •  this icon indicates a tool of the type “Application”.
  •  this icon indicates a tool of the “Macro” type.
  •  this icon indicates a tool of the type “Document”.
  •  this icon indicates a tool of the type “Web site”.
  •  this icon indicates a tool of the “Separating” type.