By clicking on the icon  a window ''Windows explorer'' opens in which we go to move documents parts of a folder towards another. It is necessary that the source and the destination are well in the zone of action defined in setting of the analysis.

We wish to move the 5 following files since the folder ''D:\Samples 2016\Samples myCADtools 2016 \ 230-PowerPrint \ Parts'' towards the folder ''D:\Samples 2016\Samples myCADtools 2016 \ Biblio''.

This action will be carried out by a ''Cut/Paste'' Windows.

  • Action of ''To cross'', selection of the files:


  • Action of ''To stick'', deposits files in the folder of destination:


All the actions carried out by the tool are noted in the zone of events.

To close the tool ProjectExplorer then to open the assembly for which files were moved.

If you do not close the tool ProjectExplorer this message apparaît.proje


The opening of the assembly points well towards the new site of the moved parts.


 It is also possible to move folders as long as those remains in the zone of action defined for ProjectExplorer.