This kind of property makes it possible to select the folder of the vault PDM since which the file must be recorded and of mapper the Attributes PDM in the properties SOLIDWORKS. This folder can point on a vault PDM or a Windows folder.


That makes it possible according to the site of recording in the vault to recover the number of project without the user not having to manually inform it in the SmartProperties data entry form.

The properties SOLIDWORKS of the file will be indicated by the contents of the variables of the folder PDM.

The way of the folder can be saved to inform a selected property.

One will be able for example to create an automatic counter related to this value of the property, and to manage counters different by project.


The site of recording of the new documents will be automatically in the selected folder PDM.

When used in drawings, a "Folder Selector" button automatically retrieves the location of the 3D.