This window makes it possible to visualize the list of the folders of research declared in SOLIDWORKS.

- List of the folders of research :


This list is created automatically at the time of the opening of the utility. It recovers all the folders declared in the referred documents of SOLIDWORKS.


- Removal of folders :


- To remove a folder of the list, to select the folders in the list and to click on the button Suppress. It is possible also to use the key of the keyboard ''Suppr''.

- To remove all the folders of the list, to click on the button All To Suppress.

 After having removed one or more folders in the list of the utility, to click on the button To Apply to update the list of the ''Referred documents'' in SOLIDWORKS.


- Removal of the folders ''Project 3'' and ''Project 4''.



- To click on the button To Apply

- A window of warning appears, to click on OK.


- A window appears to visualize the new list of the folders of research. If there is an error, it is possible to cancel, otherwise to validate the list with the button OK.


- In SOLIDWORKS, the list was modified.