This space is reserved for the specification of the folders of research of the documents, the references or the files.




  • To select an existing folder you can use the button .
  • To add the selected folder it is necessary to support on . The folder is added to the list. Several folders can be specified.
  • By pressing on  you to recover the folder of the processed document. This instruction is materialized by ''<Document>'' in the way.
  • By pressing on  you specify to recover the level above folder where is the processed document.
  • If a directory is to be deleted from the list, simply select it and press the button .


By checking this option you authorize research in all the sub-folders.

 This option can slow down the treatments considerably.


If this option is not checked research will be only carried out on the name of the document.

  • Location of the parts of library“: the components present in these folders will not be processed.