When the components will be duplicated in the assembly, they can be inserted in 3 possible ways:

  • As an external file:



In this case it is enough to choose:

    • By using the button  in order to search a folder.
    • By using the button  in order to use the folder of the assembly in the course of use.

 If, in the folder, a drawing already exists for the duplicated document, drawing will be also duplicated with new name. This functionality is valid only for this option ''To duplicate in the folder''.

  • As a ''Virtual component'', in this case the component will not be recorded and the folder of safeguard does not take any more place to be specified. It will be only packed up in the document assembly. The user will be able to always outsource the recording thereafter by using the functionality SOLIDWORKS '' Enregistrer into external”.



  • Without being duplicated, the component will then be inserted in the assembly since its folder source: