This dialog box is reserved for the specification of the sites of research of the documents parts and assemblies associated with the project.

Indeed so of the components are saved in matters other than that of the selected assembly, it is necessary to detail the folders in which ProjectManager the presence of the parts and assemblies will check.

By this button  a folder is added.

The suppression of a site of research is done by selecting the folder then while supporting on .

Several folders can thus be added and point either on sites of the network, that is to say on sites locally. These added sites are, by default, all activated . If a folder should not be taken into account it is enough to uncheck it .

If the research of the parts and the assemblies must be done under folders, the top folder is added and one checks , in the contrary case  only the listed folders will be traversed.

When a project is selected the sites all are then traversed.