Possible operation on the parts, the assemblies or drawings.

This operation makes it possible to program specific operations in achievable. The value of return makes it possible to control if the execution is valid, if the value of return is different from the programmed value (example: 1) then the execution is regarded as failed.

The site of the document passed in argument.

The selection programs to carry out is done while clicking on .


Example of a stand-alone program (console application in VB.net) :

Reading of the arguments

Dim args() As String = Environment.GetCommandLineArgs ()

Sub Main()

   If args. Length < 2 Then End

Dim stPath As String = args (1)

   Select Case IO.Path.GetExtension (stPath) .ToUpper

     Case “.SLDPRT”

         Environment.Exit (1) ‘Return 1 if the way indicates a part

     Case “.SLDASM”

         Environment.Exit (2) ‘Return 2 if the way indicates an assembly

     Case “.SLDDRW”

         Environment.Exit (3) ‘Return 3 if the way indicates a plan

     Case Else

         Environment.Exit (0) ‘Return 0 if the way does not indicate a part, an assembly or a plan

   End Select

End Sub